Kadima head MK Shaul Mofaz
Kadima head MK Shaul MofazIsrael news photo: Flash 90

The Kadima party lost one of its top activists this week. Amir Segel, editor of the “Yalla Kadima” website, has announced that he is leaving both the website and the party.

“From an electoral perspective, from a leadership perspective, from a unity perspective – the party is falling apart,” Segel declared. “Even from an ideological perspective more than a few Kadima representatives have turned their backs on the party.”

Segel supported MK Shaul Mofaz in the Kadima primaries, a choice he said he does not regret. However, he said, “Seven months after Mofaz was elected, Kadima’s situation has only gotten worse. One could blame Livni’s leadership before Mofaz, or various political and media groups – but ultimately, those are all just excuses for failure.”

Among Segel’s more serious complaints were that Kadima’s leadership “is clearly irrelevant to voters” and that the party “has never had a meaningful discussion of ideology.” The party has failed to hold elections for officials “some of whom are just names on paper who have stopped party activity,” he charged, and no group was ever created for Kadima youth.

“Essentially, Kadima did not succeed in translating its success in elections or the relevance of its platform… to being a real presence in Israeli society,” he concluded.