Voters cast ballots on touch-screen voting m
Voters cast ballots on touch-screen voting mReuters

Iran’s government mouthpiece Press TV is panicking over the prospect of a defeat for President Barack Obama and warns that Mitt Romney will steal the election through “black-box” voting machines that "manufacture election outcomes.”

It also charged that the polls – virtually all of which now show Romney in the lead or at least in a dead heat – are fraudulent. Press TV has picked up on some American website tweets that predict black Americans will riot if Obama loses.

Obama is far from being a friend of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, but the prospect of a hawkish Republican candidate apparently is even less attractive for Tehran.

“All signs are pointing towards another neo con-Republican election theft attempt, like the successful ones of 2000 and 2004,” Press TV told its readers Sunday.

The article was published hours before a new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll showed Romney and Obama in a dead heat.

Press TV asserted that the “appearance of blatantly fraudulent public opinion polls giving Romney a substantial lead over Obama…give Romney ‘momentum’ and create the illusion of plausibility when rigged voting machines hand him a ‘surprise victory.’”

Adding that the GOP is “backed by the world’s biggest crime syndicate.” the government-controlled media outlet declared that “Romney actually owns the black-box voting machines that will fabricate -- not count -- the votes in Ohio, the most important swing state…  

“Through a closely held equity fund called Solamere, Mitt Romney and his wife, son and brother are major investors in an investment firm called H.I.G. Capital. H.I.G. in turn holds a majority share and three out of five board members in Hart Intercivic, a company that owns the notoriously faulty electronic voting machines that will count the ballots in swing state Ohio November 7. Hart machines will also be used elsewhere in the United States.

“In other words, a candidate for the presidency of the United States, and his brother, wife and son, have a straight-line financial interest in the voting machines that could decide this fall’s election. These machines cannot be monitored by the public. But they will help decide who ‘owns’ the White House.”

Press TV accused the Republicans of having stolen the elections in 2000 and 2004 but reasoned that they could not do so in 2008. “Perhaps Obama’s margin of victory was simply too wide for a ‘surprise McCain win’ to be even remotely plausible," it reported. "And perhaps they actually didn’t mind allowing Obama, a timid, compromising Democrat, to put anti-Bush-war Americans back to sleep for a few years."

Riots also may break out after Romney is declared the winner, the media outlet continued.

Press TV quoted its “Truth Jihad Radio” guest John Hankey as saying, “African-Americans, unlike white liberals, are not a ‘bunch of pussies.’ Kill white liberal heroes JFK and RFK, or steal the presidency from white liberals Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, or John Kerry, and the white liberals are too terrified to even whimper. Kill a black hero like Martin Luther King, or even just beat up an ordinary black guy like Rodney King, and African-Americans might just get angry enough to protest in a fashion that cannot be ignored.

"If Romney steals the election, and African-Americans pour into the streets, they will be joined, at least in some areas, by angry whites, Hispanics, and others…

“If the Republicans steal another presidential election,…America might experience a wave of protests that would make the aftermaths of the Martin Luther King assassination, and the Rodney King beating, look like a picnic in the park.  

For a change, Press TV did not refer to the “Zionist conspiracy” having a guiding hand in the “fraudulent” polls and the predicted “stolen” election.