Construction (illustrative)
Construction (illustrative) Israel news photo: Flash 90

An NGO has announced that final approval was passed for 800 housing units in Jerusalem, the AFP news agency reported Thursday.

Hagit Ofran, of the leftist group Peace Now, told the news agency that a plan to build west of the Gilo neighborhood had been published for validation in an Israeli newspaper in what is the last phase of the planning process. She added that tenders for construction are likely to be published within a few months.

The Palestinian Authority has demanded that Israel divide its capital and give away nearly half of it so the PA can use it for a capital of an independent state of its own.

However, the PA refuses to sit down and conduct direct final status negotiations with Israeli government officials. Instead, the entity last year went to the United Nations in a unilateral attempt to circumvent the Oslo Accords by declaring “independence” through obtaining membership as a new country in the U.N. Security Council and General Assembly. The attempt failed.