Iran is trying to paint Canada as a human rig
Iran is trying to paint Canada as a human rigFLASH 90

Two former "First Nation" [the Canadian term for Native American] chiefs from Manitoba, Canada, appeared on Iranian television Sunday and claimed, citing non-existent evidence, that their country is attempting to "exterminate" its original indigenous population.

In an interview on Iran's Press TV, Terry Nelson and Dennis Pashe accused Canada of building "concentration camps" and claimed Canada was responsible for the murder of hundreds of First Nation women, what they call a first attempt effort to exterminate the aboriginals.

"It's part of the ongoing effort by the Canadian government to exterminate us," said Pashe, "We are an endangered race."

Canada recently closed its embassy in Tehran and suspended all diplomatic relations with the country due to Iran's abuse of human rights, ties to terrorism, and commitment to the destruction of Israel.

The interview on Iranian television was seen by the government of Canada as Iran's response to the suspension of relations - an attempt by Iran to accuse Canada of being the real villain, by aiming to highlight alleged human rights violations.

Canada's Prime Minister Steven Harper dismissed the claims as ludicrous, adding that the government has actually taken it upon themselves to create better conditions and a better future for the aboriginals. He expressed regret that the two chiefs allowed themselves to be pawns in the hands of a country infamous for human rights violations.