Prof Hess may know more than he has previousl
Prof Hess may know more than he has previouslFlash 90

Since the Prime Minister's assassination in 1995, questions and confusion still remains in regard to what exactly happened to the late Prime MInister Yitzhak Rabin and exactly how he was killed.  

Now, Professor Arieh Zaritsky, a member of the Civil Committee for the Study of the Rabin Assassination, hopes that after the dismissal of Professor Yehuda Hiss, Director of the Institute of Forensic Medicine at Abu Kabir,  "the best kept secret in the history of the country will be revealed."

In an exclusive interview with Arutz 7, Zaritsky said there is no doubt that Professor Hiss knew all along how Rabin was killed, saying, "he knew the big secret and throughout all these years they kept watch on Hiss and kept watch on him well. My friend Natan Gefen, a Civil Committee member,did a very thorough job (in regard to answering questions surrounding Rabin's death) and all of his material was published in the book "The Deadly Sting," in which he points out all of the contradictions in the official version of the murder of Rabin."

Zaritsky believes that the real answers are held by Hiss, who autopsied Rabin's body at Ichilov Hospital immediately after his death, but was forced to sign a nondisclosure agreement preventing him from revealing his findings.

"From all the evidence we have, we know that (immediately after shots were fired) Rabin entered the car which took him to the hospital…a trip that was supposed to take a minute or two, but instead took 22 minutes. Hiss was called to the hospital for an autopsy after Rabin's death and questioned why the body didn't arrive faster…According to the testimony of his aides, Hiss was then approached by people from the Shin Bet who made him sign a nondisclosure agreement."

Zaritsky is convinced that Hiss knows very well that Rabin was not killed by Yigal Amir, rather by the hands of others who committed the murder on the way to the hospital, saying, "there is x-ray evidence that proves that Rabin was shot after his death in order to create evidence for what allegedly happened to him in the square. Hiss remained at his job despite all of the stories and speculation that he knew more information that he was not allowed to publish. The question is whether he will reveal this big secret now, or take it to his grave."

The reason for Hiss' dismissal was announced by the Health Ministry as the fact that he had kept approximately 8000 body parts of autopsied cadavers for research and analysis, without gaining the permission or, or even informing, their families. This posed an ethical and halakhic problem that gave rise to much criticism of his methods.