Smashed windshield
Smashed windshieldcourtesy of Yesha Council, Avraham Weiss

Palestinian Authority Arabs hurled rocks at a bus with Israeli license plates Monday night as it traveled along Highway 60 through Judea near Gush Etzion.

The rock attack comes as part of a growing phenomenon known as road terror – lethal attempts by PA Arabs to disable Israeli vehicles and murder their drivers and passengers.

On Monday evening, only the bus was damaged. Some of the passengers were traumatized, and their journeys to their destinations were delayed, but they were physically unharmed.

IDF soldiers fanned out around the site of the attack, near the PA town of El Aroub, a known hotbed of terrorist activity.

Last Tuesday motorists were attacked on the same road in the same manner, a few minutes to the south, near the PA town of Halhoul. No one was physically injured in any of the attacks.

But road terror is intended to kill – and sometimes does.

A little over a year ago, Kiryat Arba resident Asher Palmer and his baby son Yonatan were murdered by two PA Arab road terrorists. Their drive-by rock attack was so clever that it first had police fooled into thinking the deaths of the father and son had resulted from a simple car accident.