A Syrian boy cries as he gets an inoculation
A Syrian boy cries as he gets an inoculation Reuters

The IDF has drawn lines around land that will be used to absorb a potential flood of Syrian refugees fleeing from the civil war, and prevent a spillover of violence into Israel, Voice of Israel government radio reported.

Military sources said the areas were designated “in cooperation with the United Nations and according to human rights standards,” adding Israel’s intention is to “prevent any spillover of the crisis in Syria into Israel’s internal arena.”

Stray mortar shells recently have fallen in the northern Golan Heights as a result of clashes between soldiers loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad and opposition forces.

The IDF also has widened the security zone along the border with Syria, especially near the town of Majdal Shams, situated on the road to the Hermon and a potential trouble spot because of its Druze population, most of whom have relatives in Syria.

Turkey is trying to cope with more than 100,000 refugees and has asked European countries to help the plight of the refugees, instead of focusing only on the spreading debt crisis in the continent.

Tens of thousands of refugees have fled to Jordan, as seen in the video below.