Last week, Venezuela's socialist President Hugo Chavez, 58, has named one-time professional bus driver and current Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro as vice president, Arutz Sheva has learned.

This is the first cabinet change since his re-election on Sunday. Chavez, who recently won in Venezuela’s latest presidential elections, has ruled the country since 1998.

The 49-year-old Maduro will replace Elias Jaua. Maduro is also a union leader at Caracas’ public bus service. He has been foreign minister since 2006.

"I don't recommend anyone the vice president's job…” Chavez jested to the press, wrote Reuters..

"Putting up with me is not easy!"

Maduro was elected in 2000 to parliament.

"He was a bus driver. How they mock him, the bourgeoisie," Chavez said.

Capriles, the energetic Miranda state governor, ran against Chavez in the elections and lost 55 to 44 percent.

"On Sunday I felt really down, I'm one of those people who can't hide their feelings…Now I'm back on my feet ... The tears have dried up," Capriles told a press conference.

On Monday, Chavez called Capriles on the telephone.

"I took the telephone and thought 'Gosh, let's see which of the nicknames he's going to use.' At last he called me by my surname," Capriles told the press.

"I told him 'Mr. President, with all due respect, I hope we are not going to continue hearing insults and derogatory terms' ... . He told me I had made a great effort, and that I should get some rest, and that I had pushed him hard."

"I am going to continue going around Venezuela. There are lots of places I was unable to visit," he said of his grueling campaign of hundreds of visits to villages, towns and cities.

"I left my heart on the road, and I'll do it again ... . No one is unbeatable."