Young Arab terrorists  (illustrative)
Young Arab terrorists (illustrative) Israel news photo: Flash 90

A Tunisian children’s magazine titled “Qaws Qouzah,” meaning “Rainbow”, is facing a lawsuit for publishing a detailed, step-by-step instruction guide on how to make Molotov cocktails.

The Tunisian Ministry for Women and Family Affairs expressed concern that the article poses a threat to children’s lives, as it “encourages” the use of Molotov cocktails in acts of “vandalism or terrorism,” Bloomberg reported.

The article, which was published in the section “Knowledge Corner” of the magazine, reportedly contained detailed instructions with colorful graphic, explaining the components of the deadly mix.

“Molotov cocktail – is a home-made incendiary weapon which consists of a glass bottle and a folded cloth dipped in a flammable liquid – oil, alcohol, petrol,” the article read, according to Bloomberg.

“The unit should be ignited and thrown at the enemy. After the initial contact, the bottle breaks and penetrates the target,” it read.

The magazine is very popular in Tunisia and is mostly read by boys and girls aged 5 to 15.

The publishers may be facing charges including incitement to violence.

Last month Muslims stormed the U.S. embassy in Tunis, burning American flags and setting buildings on fire. Protesters often use Molotov cocktails during the demonstrations, which have recently erupted throughout the Arab world.

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