Governor Mitt Romney beat U.S. President Barack Obama in an “aggregation of national polls” by Real Clear Politics, the website reported. The final standings: 48.2 percent Romney, to 47.8 percent Obama. This marks the first time since February 2012 (when the race was closer) that Mitt Romney has taken the lead. The recent poll’s success might be called a post-debate surge for Romney, citing President Barack Obama’s perceived failure last week in Denver on October 3.

“Romney’s average was pushed upwards by a Pew Research poll that put him four points ahead, a Gallup poll that gave him a two-point advantage and a Rasmussen poll that had the two candidates tied.” according to Real Clear Politics.

However, that news site goes on to say that the survey omitted an October 9 poll released by Public Policy Polling, in which Governor Romney finds himself ahead by two points: 49 t0 47.

Public Polling Policy is a “firm that mostly works” with clients that are Democratic. The October 9 poll was conducted for The Daily Kos website as well as the Service Employees International Union,  according to Real Clear Politics.

A CNN and Opinion Research poll taken just ahead of the debate, on September 28 to 30, found President Obama one point in the lead.