Courage in Motion unites disabled veterands f
Courage in Motion unites disabled veterands f Reuters

For five days in October, dozens of disabled veterans from the IDF will join sixty disabled veterans from Canada, America and Australia as they ride across Israel, strengthening the bond between the countries and the veterans and sharing stories of personal heroism and bravery in their struggles with rehabilitation. 

Starting in the North and ending in Jerusalem, the "Courage in Motion 2012" bike ride (Oct 21-25) aims to unite, advocate for and encourage those with disabilities. An initiative of the Friends of Beit Halochem in Canada, the event was started five years ago as a means to unite disabled veterans, many of whom turn to sports and bike riding for rehabilitation. 

For five days the veterans will ride on tandem and hand bikes crossing 500 km of bike trails as they make their way through the beautiful greenery of the Galilee and the sloping mountains of Jerusalem and the Judean Hills. 

Yossi Zimmer, Canadian Friends Chair of "Courage in Motion 2011" Committee and member of the Board of Directors of Beit Halochem Canada, said during last year's event, "This is an incredible and amazing experience.  Not only are we getting to see the country  through its beautiful routes in the South and North, but we are motivated and encouraged by our wounded heroes' perseverance and dedication, their strength and the ability  to overcome any and all obstacle in their way.  It's an honor to ride alongside of them"

"During previous journeys a strong bond was established between the Zahal Disabled Veterans and riders from North America and I'm sure it will become even stronger this year" said Chairman of The Zahal Disabled Veterans Organization, Haim Bar." This journey is an expression of heroism and courage that characterizes the struggle to rehabilitate by Zahal Disabled Veterans", he added.