Eilat Flash 90

A tourist opened fire in the Leonardo Hotel in Eilat on Friday morning. Witnesses say the man stole a gun from a hotel guard and began shooting in all directions.

A 50-year-old worker was critically wounded and died of his injuries shortly thereafter. Several people suffered shock. Three were taken to Yosephtal Hospital.

The shooter barricaded himself in the hotel's kitchen. A police negotiating team attempted to speak with him.

Officers with the police's Counter-Terrorism Unit then broke into the kitchen and attempted to apprehend the shooter. The man opened fire on police and was shot and killed. Police swept the kitchen and did not find hostages.

Police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld confirmed reports that the attacker was a United States citizen. Hebrew news sources say he was recently fired from a job at the hotel.

Hotel guests have been told they may resume their routine. There is a large police presence at the scene as officers investigate the incident.