Working on border fence.
Working on border fence.Reuters

Israel has consented to an Egyptian request to allow Egyptian Air Force reconnaissance planes to patrol the skies along the border with Israel, writes Yisrael Hayom Tuesday, quoting an unnamed senior security source in Cairo.

The newspaper notes, however, that the report has received no corroboration from any official source in Cairo.

Jerusalem told the paper it is "unfamiliar" with the report.

Deputy Prime Minister Moshe Ya'alon spoke to Besheva magazine, in an interview published Tuesday, about the proper Israeli response to Egyptian requests to let it increase its military presence in Sinai, so as to deal with terrorist elements.

Ya'alon said that it is possible to reach specific agreements regarding insertion of forces for specific actions, without making changes in the peace treaty between the countries. "In the past," he said, "we have agreed to Egyptian requests to insert forces in order to deal with a specific threat, without having to revise the military annex of the treaty.

"I oppose such a revision. It could become a negative precedent. In general, agreements in the Middle East are not always honored and therefore we need to create a situation in which we are sticklers for formalities."