IDF training aids unit
IDF training aids unitYoni Kempinski

Arutz Sheva visited the IDF’s training aids unit, which provides training aids and the means to simulate real-time situations to various military units.

Each unit in the IDF contributes in its own unique way to both the army and the country, and the training aids unit makes a remarkable contribution to the army, to the economy and to the Israeli public.

“The training aids unit is a unit of the ground forces whose goal is to provide training aids and the means to simulate real-time situations to units within the ground forces as well as outside the ground forces such as the Air Force, the Navy, Home Front Command and Border Police,” said Major Shlomi Malka, Commander of the Training Aids Unit.

“The goal is to develop the tools here, purchase them and give them to the units so they can train to the maximum of their abilities,” he explained.

The unit also makes a significant contribution to the lives of those who serve in it, as Malka explained.

“Some of the soldiers who come to the training aids unit are soldiers from low socioeconomic circles who dropped out of other military frameworks. Not all of them, it should be noted, but most of them,” he said. “We, as a military unit, accompany them and support them in light of their situation at home.”

According to Malka, “When they see during their visits to the field that the means they have created are being used in practice, this creates a feeling of pride and satisfaction for them.”

His remarks were strengthened by Corporal Assaf Dahan, who serves in the training aids unit and who said, “Being in the unit enables me to work. I work outside, I rent an apartment on my own, I live on my own, and I finance myself.

“I do have the motivation to come here every morning, and I do my job the best that I can,” said Dahan. “It’s fun to go around different bases and see my work such as signage, safety lights and other such things being used in the field.”