DiamondsIsrael News photo: Flash 90

A Canadian diamond firm says it has designed a diamond that that can be cut to show the six-pointed Star of David.

Embee Diamond Technologies, based in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, announced it is offering the design to any manufacturer who is willing to make a 1 percent contribution to the Israeli-based Magen David Adom rescue services.

The Star of David, known in Hebrew as the Magen David, is a Jewish symbol that also highlights the Israeli flag.

Embee said that that the symbol “is affixed to the pavilion of this diamond so that its reflection is clearly visible within the table as well as throughout the entire stone.”

It was designed by Embee's diamond cutter Mike Both, who designed the Sinius star in 2006.

The company explained that despite the application of state-of-the-art diamond modeling techniques and modern cut performance analysis, “Even when perfectly cut, the standard shapes of diamonds are asymmetrical.”

“The tops of these diamonds have stars, mains and girdle facets. The bottoms have only mains and girdle facets. Mike simply added bright stars on the bottom,” according to Embee.