UNHRC mission
UNHRC missionFlash 90

Israel’s status at the United Nations received a rare boost Thursday with the appointment of Israeli jurist, Professor Yuval Shani, to an advisory committee at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC).

Shani is the dean of the Hebrew University’s law department and an expert on international law.

Israel’s UN delegation, led by envoy Ron Prosor, pushed for Shani’s inclusion on the committee. Shani’s appointment is cause for national pride, Prosor said. “This is evidence of the widespread admiration for Israel,” he explained.

Prosor added that one of his goals in office has been “to put Israeli knowledge and expertise on the map at the UN, and to integrate Israelis in key positions.”

The UNHRC is notoriously critical of Israel. The group has invited Hamas terrorists to speak and recently did not condemn a terrorist attack targeting Israelis in which six people were murdered.

Israel considered quitting the group earlier this year after the council voted to establish a fact-finding mission to assess the “effects of settlements on Palestinian human rights.”