Netanyahu and Mofaz
Netanyahu and Mofaz Israel news photo: Flash 90

Opposition leader Shaul Mofaz tried to turn the tables on Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Thursday and demanded he "be the first" to take a lie detector test over a leak of security secrets on Iran from a Security Cabinet meeting.

Prime Minister Netanyahu cancelled a meeting with ministers earlier this week after discovering that someone at an earlier session leaked secret information to the media. Infrastructure Minister Uzi Landau later said he wanted everyone present at the meeting on Tuesday to undergo a lie detector test, a suggestion backed by Likud's Transportation Minister Yaakov Katz..

Mofaz, who was lavishing Netanyahu with endless praise three months ago during their political romance in one of the shortest national unity governments on record, has adopted his previous role of attacking the Prime Minister on virtually every issue.

He blamed the Prime Minister for the security leak because, in his words, he heads a “reckless” government that is wracked with anarchy.

The leak presumably was an article in an Israeli newspaper concerning Iran and conflicting views from intelligence and military officials on whether Israel should stage a pre-emptive attack to prevent or stall Iran’s ability to achieve capability to launch a nuclear warhead at Israel.

Mofaz is fighting dismal polls, which show him and his Kadima party in a dizzying decline in popularity that threatens its very existence.

One of the most recent polls revealed that Kadima would win only seven Knesset seats if elections were held today, compared with its current 28.