PA Arab rock attacks are increasing
PA Arab rock attacks are increasing Israel news photo: Flash 90

An Israeli motorist was wounded late Wednesday in a potentially lethal road terror attack while driving near a town in Samaria, north of Ramallah.

Palestinian Authority Arabs hurled rocks as they passed the vehicle with Israeli license plates, in a drive-by attack from the vehicle they were riding in. The attack occurred near the village of Itiba, northeast of Ramallah, capital of the Fatah-ruled section of the Palestinian Authority.

The driver of the Israeli vehicle was slightly injured, and the vehicle was damaged. IDF soldiers searched the area for the perpetrators, but the army has not released information to the media as to whether they were caught.

Also on Wednesday night, two wanted PA Arab terrorists were arrested at the Dehaisha “refugee camp,” located in Judea, southwest of Bethlehem. 

Dehaisha, which did indeed begin as a refugee camp for Arabs displaced during the 1967 Six Day War, today appears much the same as any other Arab village. Nevertheless, residents continue to receive massive support from the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), which continues to classify the residents as "refugees," 45 years after the war. With the exception of shanties that remain for media visibility along the roadside, and some within that belong to the older generation, the town today is populated with one-family homes and clan compounds. Most are topped with satellite dishes and other current technology-related equipment, and have SUVs parked in the back. 

On Thursday, IDF soldiers working with Israel Police discovered two shotguns and ammunition carried by a PA Arab resident of Jericho during routine security activity in the area. The suspect and the weaponry was taken to police headquarters for investigation. 

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