Grave site of the "Peleh Yo'etz"
Grave site of the "Peleh Yo'etz" Israel news photo: News 24

Rabbi Yashiyahu Pinto told followers on Tuesday the best way to deal with the Iranian threat is by learning from the story of Purim. The rabbi made the comment during a pilgrimage to Bulgaria with hundreds of people to pray at the grave site of the famed Kabbalist Rabbi Eliezer Papo, the "Peleh Yo'etz" ("Wonder Adviser").

"The only thing we can do against the Iranian threat is to unite – to love each other more, and to think the best about everyone. We all must seek the good in each other, and not the bad,” the Ashdod-based rabbi urged.

Among those who accompanied the rabbi was the Israeli Ambassador to Bulgaria, Israel Kamisa. “I am proud of the unity we have here, that gives me strength to continue as a representative of Israel,” he said.

The pilgrimage to the grave site of the revered Rabbi Eliezer Papo, famed Kabbalist known as the “Wonder Adviser” (Peleh Yo'etz) is made each year. 

Security was tight at Varna Airport from the moment the plane landed in Bulgaria, with personnel from both covert and visible units from national and local police.

This year, the eleventh to the famed rabbi's tomb, was the first and largest public event on Bulgarian soil since five Israelis were killed in a terrorist attack at Burgas airport six weeks ago.

Ambassador Kamisa noted, “The Bulgarians recognize that terrorism has arrived here as well, and to our sorrow, that five Jews were murdered for their Judaism. On this day, we remember those victims,” he said.

Three flights and a three-hour journey by bus brought worshipers to their destination, where participants prostrated themselves on the Kabbalist's grave and then prayed the Selichot service. A large and beautiful ritual pool (mikvah) was recently built at the site as well.

"Many have undergone special experiences after praying at the sacred site, and after immersing themselves in the new mikvah,” observed one of the heads of Israeli institutions responsible for the trip to the tomb each year.

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