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Israeli ShekelsIsrael news photo

The monthly minimum wage in Israel will rise from NIS 4,100 to NIS 4,300 ($1,069) starting October 1.

The minimum hourly wage will be NIS 23.12 ($5.75).

The minimum monthly wage for youths under 16 will be NIS 3,010, or 70% of the adult minimum wage.

For youths aged 16, minimum wage will be NIS 3,225, and for those aged 17, NIS 3,569.

Attorney Shlomo Yitzchaki, who heads the Labor Relations Desk in the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, explained that the minimum wage is updated every April 1, to be 47.5% of the average wage. The current raise is a special one, and was part of an amendment to the Minimum Wage Law that included two previous hikes totaling NIS 700.