The parents and sister of Rachel Corrie sit t
The parents and sister of Rachel Corrie sit t Reuters

The hateful mindset of the lawyer for Rachel Corrie's family has been revealed by Palestinian Media Watch, which reports the lawyer called Israel "a giant monster" in a July rant and compared it unfavorably to Nazi Germany.

After a court exonerated Israel on Tuesday from responsibility for Corrie's death, the family's Israeli Arab lawyer, Hussein Abu Hussein, said in a statement to the press: "It's a black day for activists of human rights and people who believe in values of dignity. We believe this decision is a bad decision for all of us: civilians first of all, and peace activists."

Yet it turns out that this was a relatively mild statement for the lawyer. In a Palestinian Authority television interview in July, Hussein revealed his attitude toward the Jewish state, saying that Israel's founding was worse than the founding of Nazi Germany because "Nazi Germany was a state based on the rule of law for a short while," whereas "the State of Israel was founded from the start on robbery and theft." 

According to Palestinian Media Watch, he went on to call Israel a "giant monster" and indicated that people should take action against Israel saying, "We all want to step on its head, but talking is not enough. Everyone has their role."

Rachel Corrie was accidentally killed by an Israeli army bulldozer in Gaza, as she stood in a spot where civilians were not allowed and she could not be seen by the driver, this at a time when Israel was acting in self-defense in an effort to curb terrorist activity in the area.

Corrie’s family filed the civil suit against the Defense Ministry in the district court seven years ago. They claimed that the IDF either deliberately killed Corrie or is at least guilty of gross negligence.

The court invoked the “combatant activities” exception, which states that a country’s armed forces cannot be held liable for physical or economic harm to civilians that occurs in an area defined as a war zone.

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