Edon Pinchot, the 14-year-old kippa-wearing pianist singer from Skokie, Illinois has reached the America’s Got Talent semi-finals.

Pinchot, who observes the Sabbath, has captured the hearts of millions of Americans and has popularized the Hebrew word “kippa” into the most provincial regions of the United States as media beam on his performances.

The semi-finals are taking place over a two-week period and feature Pinchot along with 23 other contestants who have survived prior rounds. Results of his first semi-final competition are due later on Wednesday.

The winner will pocket $1 million and a star performance at a Las Vegas hotel. If Pinchot wins, the sponsors may have to change the scheduled September 26 performance date because it also is the eve of the fast of the Yom Kippur holiday.

Pinchot is vying with an assortment of other would-be entertainers, including an acrobatic couple, an operatic singer, who has been booed by audiences, and a “talking dog” novelty act.

Edon’s winning performance for the semi-finals was his rendition of “One Direction's What Makes You Beautiful.” His piano playing and singing won him a standing ovation.