The Israeli inventor of the Disk-on-Key has unveiled a new “smart keyboard” with a built-in screen to allow the user to see what is typed.

Dov Moran said the “KeyView” eliminates the need for someone to look back and forth between the keyboard and the desktop computer screen.

Moran and KeyView CEO Uri Brison have been developing the new keyboard for two years, and they said it is available only on the Israeli market for the time being until they can expand to the international market.

“The majority of the population that uses computers, does not ‘touch type’ and suffers from loss of valuable time and typing errors,” their company press release stated. “Regular keyboards can cause neck and eye strain. This is a result of splitting the visual focus between the keyboard and the screen.”

The integrated display on the new keyboard is also used for "smartype apps" – various applications such as email notification, clock, photos and the weather, turning the keyboard into a smart device that  can download smart apps for the keyboard directly from the Internet.

Moran was fabulously successful with the Disk-on-Key but also has left behind some failures, such as last year’s “modu” mobile phone.  

The company said that the new keyboard is one of the major changes since the “QWERTY” keyboard was invented for mechanical typewriters in 1867.