memorial service at the Sofia Synagogue
memorial service at the Sofia Synagogue Reuters

Vice Prime Minister Moshe (Bogie) Ya'alon spoke at a memorial ceremony in Bulgaria on Tuesday for the victims of the Burgas terror attack.

The ceremony, which was held at the main synagogue in Sofia, began with a moment of silence in honor of the victims.

"Iran must not acquire nuclear weapons. We must work together, with determination and hard work, utilizing all of the means at our disposal,” he said. “We must not give up, or sweep reality under the carpet. We must impose harsher sanctions and not live under the illusion that we are dealing with a conventional regime.”

“We must not take any option off of the table. Before it is too late, we must force the violent, tyrannical regime to face a dilemma: a bomb or survival,” he added.

“Dozens were targeted only for being Jewish and Israeli,” he added, addressing the attack. “Each and every one of them was an entire universe – a life story cut short."

An unidentified suicide bomber detonated himself on a bus carrying Israelis vacationing in the Bulgarian seaside resort on July 19, killing five Israelis and the Bulgarian bus driver.

Israel has accused Iran and Hizbullah of being responsible for the attack.

The ceremony was attended by the president of Bulgaria, members of parliament, the Israeli ambassador, Jewish representatives and the families of the victims.

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