Worlds in Conflict
Worlds in Conflict Eliezer Schwartz

Similar to the Ramban debates with the Church of the 13th century, Worlds in Conflict depicts different characters debating Judaism. However in this book, the characters are both fictional and real people.

Rabbi Eliezer Schwartz, author of Worlds in Conflict: Judaism - Christianity - Atheism - The Struggle for Souls spoke about his unique book on Arutz Sheva's News and Views Call-In Show with Tamar Yonah. For the full interview click here.

"It's a book written in the format of a debate similar to the debates that the Rabbi Moshe ben Nachman -- known as Nachmanides in Greek and Ramban in Hebrew -- had with with Papal Christianity in the 13th Century," Rabbi Schwartz told Yonah on the show. 

"He debated an apostate Jew who became a friar before an audience of Christian clergyman. After four days King Jaime I of Aragon awarded Ramban a gift because he won the debate. He eventually was forced to leave Spain," Rabbi Schwartz elaborated.

The author says he humbly tried to recreate a contemporary version of the historic event. "I introduce modern characters," he said. "The rabbi represents Torah, and the Christian professor represents the foundation of Christianity."

Other characters in the book are real people and their quotes in the debate are taken from actual text. One is former United States President Jimmy Carter, who authored the book Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid.

"My position is, and I find it among others, that his political views about Israel have a religious foundation. I am interested in these underpinnings," Rabbi Schwartz said.

Another real life character is Dr. Richard Dawkins of Oxford University in England. "He is a world famous biologist and renowned atheist," Rabbi Schwartz stated. "He attacks Torah and all Bible as not being a source for morality." 

The author said he meticulously researched the dialogue between the characters and used actual source material for their arguments.

"The whole concept is from a Torah point of view to show that we as Jews have a foundation that is often misunderstood - not only by Non-Jews but even by Jews who become very defensive," Rabbi Schwartz commented.

So what is the answer to such criticisms? Download the full interview by clicking here.

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