Obama with Secret Service men
Obama with Secret Service menReuters

An anarchist;s terrorist cell plotted to kill President Barack Obama, while serving in the U.S. Army, prosecutors said in his murder trial of another anarchist and his girlfriend.

Isaac Aguigui also planned to seize an ammunition control site and take over Fort Stewart, Georgia and bomb a location in the city of Savannah – all of this prior to assassinating the president.

Aguigui and three cell comrades, also former soldiers, are on trial for the murder of a fellow soldier and his girlfriend, whom the suspect feared had betrayed the anarchist group called Forever Enduring Always Ready, whose acronym is FEAR.

He found funds for his private militia thanks to half a million dollars in insurance benefits following the death of his pregnant wife last year. Aguigui bought $87,000 worth of assault rifles, guns and materials for bombs, all of which investigators found in the homes of cell members. 

The murder suspect also managed to work as a page on the floor of the Republican party 2008 convention, where he was identified in a photograph published by Reuters.