Morsi poster in Gaza
Morsi poster in Gaza Israel news photo: Flash 90

Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi is quoted Tuesday as saying that his country's military operation in Sinai is being carried out in a way that fully honors international agreements.

In an interview with Reuters that was quoted by Voice of Israel government-sponsored radio, Morsi said that Egypt threatens no one, and that its forces' presence in Sinai should not be a cause for concern on the regional or international levels.

Morsi also said that the peace treaty with Israel will remain intact, but refrained from saying whether he would agree to meet any Israeli leaders. He said Egypt would adopt a "balanced" foreign policy in order to safeguard its interests.

Egyptian newspaper Al-Yom al-Saba reported that the Egyptian Army has put its anti-terror operation in Sinai on hold, as Morsi talks to the leaders of the Islamist groups in Sinai. "Secret contacts" between Morsi's representatives and the heads of Salafi groups were held at Sheikh Zweid and Rafiah, in an attempt to restore calms to the peninsula.