What may be the world's largest mezuzah was affixed at the gate of the upper entrance to the Kotel plaza Monday. The mezuzah was contributed by philanthropist Shmuel Flato-Sharon.

While the mezuzah is being touted as the world's largest, it should be noted that a mezuzah said to be the world's largest seems to pop up at least once a year. Another mezuzah donated by Flato-Sharon was placed at Beis Refuah Kaplan in Rechovot just three months ago, and it, too, was hailed as the world's largest.

Yet another mezuzah with a similar claim to fame was affixed two years ago at the arriving flights entrance to Ben Gurion Airport.

The Kotel's mammoth mezuzah was written by Sofer Rav Zalman Michaelshvilli, and checked by the Kotel Sofer Rav Israel Gottlieb. Its design was influenced by the work of surrealist Spanish artist Salvador Dali.