Syrian rebels showed a video Monday of a Russian-made Syrian army chopper in flames after it was hit over Damascus. It dived into the ground amid shouts of  “Allah is Great."

Last week, rebels said they shot down another helicopter, providing indications that they have acquired anti-aircraft weapons and surface-to-air missiles as the bloody and savage civil war drags on and the number of massacres rises.

Two weeks ago, rebels claimed to have downed a jet and captured the pilot.

The video of the helicopter was taken over northeastern Damascus and shows the chopper circling in flames before finally plunging to the ground  in a ball of fire. The pilot and the crew apparently were killed.

A rebel officer said that Syrian President Bashar Assad’s use of aerial attacks usually precedes an offensive by ground soldiers.

Government officials blamed Israel for the attack. stating, “This is not our first encounter with the Israelis inside of Syria, but it’s the first step towards their end.”

Israel defense officials are concerned that Assad, in desperation, could turn his guns on Israel to try to save himself and his collapsing regime.