After receiving a great deal of backlash for displaying an image of a swastika in a video clip shown during her concerts, pop star Madonna has finally decided to alter her show by refraining from showing the offensive and controversial image.

The montage accompanies the song "Nobody Knows Me," and features the pictures of various political figures, including France's National Front leader Marine Le Pen, with swastikas superimposed on their faces.

The image enraged members of the right wing party. Le Pen's father, former National Front leader Jean-Marie Le Pen, has been found guilty of inciting racial hatred and of playing down the Holocaust on numerous occasions.

Despite being threatened with potential lawsuits, Madonna has defended her use of the image, saying that it was intended to highlight "the intolerance human beings have for one another."

"I always like to tell a story," she told a Brazilian television station. "Music should be about ideas, right? Ideas inspire music."

However, during a performance in Nice, France on Tuesday night, the image of the swastika was replaced with a question mark.