DiamondsIsrael news photo: Flash 90

The Gemological Institute of America will open a new laboratory facility in Israel's diamond center in Ramat Gan in early September. The new facility will provide on-site lab services, including GIA Diamond Grading Reports, Diamond Dossiers and related services.

GIA, the world’s foremost gemological institution, maintains a presence in 16 cities around the world. The new GIA facility in Ramat Gan is the eighth GIA laboratory and the sixth outside the United States.

The intention to open the facility was jointly announced last July by Moti Ganz, then-President of the Israel Diamond Manufacturers Association (IsDMA), Chairman of the Israel Diamond Institute (IDI) and President of IDMA (International Diamond Manufacturers Association), together with and Donna Baker, GIA president and CEO.

The opening of the GIA facility comes after three years of discussion and planning led on the Israeli side by Moti Ganz, together with Bumi Traub, current IsDMA President, and Elliot Tannenbaum, Senior Principal of the Leo Schachter Diamond Group.

GIA is opening a facility in Israel as part of its global effort to bring its services to clients where they conduct business, while maintaining GIA’s rigorous standards and processes, the Institute said in a statement.

“Israel has long been a center for the global diamond trade,” said Donna Baker. “We hope that having direct access to GIA diamond grading services in Israel will support the success of Israeli companies.”