FSA soldiers clash with gov't forces in Alepp
FSA soldiers clash with gov't forces in Alepp Reuters

Another Syrian journalist has been executed by government forces for his sympathies to the opposition cause.

Mosaab al-Odaallah was employed by the state-run Tishreen newspaper, but his affiliation did not protect him Wednesday.

The journalist was shot at point-blank range at his home in the southern Damascus neighborhood of Nahr Aisheh by troops loyal to the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

The government forces conducted house-to-house raids through four major districts of the capital, all of which were considered rebel strongholds. In addition to Nahr Aisheh, troops raided and then used heavy artillery to shell the neighborhoods of Kfar Souseh, Daraya, and Qadam.

As many as 22 tanks were seen rolling through the streets of the upscale Kfar Souseh district alone, residents told reporters via Skype, and Air Force helicopters bombed the neighborhoods from above. Clashes continued elsewhere across the country as well. Fierce battles raged in Aleppo, where the Free Syrian Army has made gains against government forces in winning control over the nation's commercial hub.

At least a dozen foreign journalists have been killed in action in Syria, but several local journalists have also been murdered as well in the course of the raging civil war.

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