Canadian singer and songwriter Evan Malach won the 2012 Hallelujah Global Jewish Singing Contest on Aug. 16, with his rendition of the Israeli rock classic “Canaanite Blues.”

Malach, 27, was announced to be the winner of what is considered to be the Israeli version of "American Idol," as he performed before a live audience in Hod HaSharon.

Deemed to be the best singer from among the 30 contestants between the ages of 18 and 30, Malach will be awarded $8,000 and will be invited to record a duet with Israeli singer Dudu Fisher.  He will also embark on an international singing tour, during which he will perform for Jewish audiences worldwide.

The contestants, who came to Israel from different countries around the world in order to compete in the competition, toured iconic sites and worked with leading artists in the industry to prepare their performances in Hebrew.

The panel of judges included renowned Israeli entertainer Yehoram Gaon, rock musician Yehuda Eder, singer Ilanit, and Tzachi Halevy, finalist of the Israeli series “The Voice.”

New York’s Courtney came in second place and will be awarded a prize of $4,000 prize, while Russia’s Polina won third place and will be granted $2,000.