Egyptian forces arrest suspected terrorists a
Egyptian forces arrest suspected terrorists aReuters

The United States is offering Egypt intelligence systems to help it combat terror in the Sinai and to “assure Israel” as Morsi warms up to Iran.

“U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta is offering Egypt a package of classified intelligence-sharing capabilities designed to help it identify military threats in the area and reassure Israel that Egypt can deal with rising militancy along Israel's border," according to CNN, quoting a Pentagon official.

Having pledgeג his “unwavering commitment” to the American-Egyptian military alliance, Panetta is offering Egypt technology, such as truck-mounted sensors, to help it electronically identify vehicles.

Satellite imagery and drone flights also are in the package for Egypt, which while vowing to overcome the terror-infested Sinai also is re-establishing relations with the regime in Iran.  

Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Morsi plans to attend the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) conference in Tehran next week, the first visit in Iran by a senior Egyptian official in more than 30 years.

Mohammed Gadallah, a legal advisor to Morsi, said the Egyptian government is considering "amending" the Camp David Accords "to ensure Egypt's full sovereignty and control over every inch of Sinai."

Egypt reportedly is preparing to move aircraft and tanks into the Sinai for the first time since 1979, a violation of the peace treaty unless Israel agrees.

The Arab Spring revolution in Egypt, which prompted U.S.-backed democratic elections and transformed the regime into an Islamic government, has given Morsi the bests of all worlds. The United States continues to support the government, which at the same time has pledged to stand “as one” with the Hamas terrorist party in Gaza and reaches out for closer ties with Iran.

Iranian government media have reported that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wants to enlist Egypt as a diplomatic ally for its determination to develop its nuclear program.

U.S. State Department spokesman Olivia Nuland told reporters, “Iran is going to try to manipulate this NAM summit and the attendees to advance its own agenda, and to obscure the fact that it is failing to live up to multiple obligations that it has to the UN Security Council, the IAEA, and other international bodies. So we, frankly, don’t think that Iran is deserving of these high-level presences that are going there.

“That said, these individual countries will make their own decisions at what level they choose to be represented.