Illegal Arab Mansions
Illegal Arab Mansions

On this week's episode of Walter's World with Walter Bingham:

If you are a Jewish youth, you might erect a hut on an Israeli hilltop as a centre for your excursions and to have fun with your friends. However it will most likley be quickly be spotted by the regular aerial surveys conducted by Jewish organisations like Peace Now. These groups then report the building activity to the army and it will then be demolished within a very short time.

But if you are an Arab or Bedouin and build an illegal mansion on Jewish-owned or State land, it's a quite different story.

Why the difference? Find out by listening to Member of Knesset Aryeh Eldad and the story of the Regavim organisation and you will learn the simple answer.

To quell Jewish protests the police don’t hesitate to use brutal force. But demolishing illegal Arab buildings could cause violent riots. The police and army may not respond with equal measure. The news and photos that will go around the world are chosen to portray our security forces as brutal occupiers and oppressors. That’s just what the anti-Israel lobby is looking for, so the army backs off. To hear the full analysis of this issue download the latest Walter's World podcast by clicking here.

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