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The IDF's elite unit for special operations in the Southern Command, Sayeret Rimon, said good-bye this week to the officer who founded it two years ago. The commander, who can only be identified as Maj. B., is concluding his term at the head of the unit. He has led its development for the past two years. During that time, writes Hadas Duvdevani of the IDF Website, he has built its operational capabilities, turning it into a powerful force defending Israel's south.

The unit was established when the terror threat from Sinai became a pressing problem. Since then, the terror from Sinai has only gotten worse.

"It's not every day that a new unit is established in the IDF. I am happy to have had the chance to take part in the establishment of this unit – and overjoyed like a proud father at his first child's birthday," said the outgoing commander at a ceremony in honor of the transition. "I am filled with a sense of the solidarity, Zionism, values, ethics, character, and strength that characterize the unit."

Maj. B. will soon begin two years of command and staff study. He will be succeeded in his post by Maj. A., whom he described as "a quality officer, first rate. I'm happy that he is my replacement."

"I want to express my gratitude for the confidence and the privilege that has been given to be as commander of the Rimon unit, and I am filled with hope that I will perform well," said the incoming commander. "I am sure that we will maintain [the unit's positive] qualities and bring the unit to new heights. Although we have many challenges ahead of us, I have no doubt that we will overcome them."

Givati Brigade Commander Col. Ofer Levy also addressed the ceremony. "A little over two years ago, the Brigade was tasked with establishing an elite unit – a unit that would train in special operations in the Southern Command, understanding that the situation in this region was changing," he said. "Fortunately, an extremely high-quality unit has arisen in front of our eyes quickly and steadily. This unit relies on commanders and soldiers among the best in the IDF, with a strong work ethic and high operational standards – a unit with exceptional motivation to serve and perform."