Mitt Romney in Jerusalem
Mitt Romney in JerusalemIsrael news photo: Flash 90

An Israel Democracy Institute (IDI) poll has found that Israelis believe a victory by Mitt Romney in the November 6 presidential election would be better for Israel's interests than a second-term win for President Barack Obama.

According to the left-leaning IDI's July "Peace Index," 40% of Israelis believe the Republican presumptive candidate would take care of Israel's interests more than his rival, whereas 19% think Obama would be better for Israel's interests.

An overwhelming 70% of Israelis think the U.S. cannot be trusted to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

However, 61% think Israel cannot attack Iran alone and must only attack in cooperation with the U.S. Fifty-seven percent think statements by the Prime Minister and Defense Minister on Iran are meant to pressure the U.S. to attack Iran, with or without Israel. Fifty-six percent estimated that the chances of an Israeli attack without the U.S. are low.

Another 56% believe the outward efforts of western states to block Iran's nuclear weapons program are not serious and insincere. The conclusion, according to 60% of Israelis, is that it will not be possible to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons and that Israel must develop a new defense strategy, which will be based on the assumption that it is not the sole nuclear power in the area.