A new facility for blood donations has been opened at the Magen David Adom center in Jerusalem. A special inauguration ceremony took place Wednesday.

The Donations Hall will operate Sundays through Fridays and is expected to serve over 20,000 donors who reside in Jerusalem and many others nationwide.

MDA calls upon the public to donate blood in the new and comfortably equipped facility without delay, because of the annual blood shortage that is typical of the August break.

The new Donations Hall has eight donation beds, a comfortable and spacious waiting area for spending the time before and after the donation, and free parking for the donors. The rooms in which potential donors are questioned about their medical past are separate, to maintain privacy.  

Out of about 780,000 residents of Jerusalem, 24,587 are registered as blood donors in MDA. They make up 3.1% of the total number of residents. In 2011, 43,398 blood portions were donated in the city.

The new Magen David Adom Jerusalem Center that was inaugurated six months ago includes access roads and separate parking levels for private cars and MDA emergency service vehicles, significantly improving Magen David Adom’s ability to get its ambulances on the road to answer urgent calls.

There are also new quarters for crews, a training center, and a new dispatch center utilizing the latest GPS technology that can pinpoint every building in the city and its environs.