Egyptian army in Sinai
Egyptian army in SinaiIsrael news photo: Flash 90

The apparently good news that the United States intends to give the Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt more aid to fight Sinai terror is a bad sign, based on a history of American aid to Islamists, according to former senior IDF officer and Algamor Terror Victim chairman Meir Indor.

“The agreements with Islamist elements are not stabile, and generally speaking, the forces that are trained by the Americans in Islamic countries eventually turn their guns against the United States and the West, including acts of terror and war crimes,” he wrote to his e-mail readers Monday.

The CIA helped none other than Osama bin Laden, who was taught guerilla warfare by Americans in the war against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan in 1987. The United States gave bin Laden 60,000 tons of weapons, according to Indor.

After the Soviets left, bin Laden’s terrorist organization turned its guns against the Americans and their allies in a world-wide wave of terror, including the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Trade Towers in New York and the Pentagon near Washington.

Indor wrote, “Pakistani forces thought to be relatively loyal carried out terror in India, and it is not clear even today if they provided cover for bin Laden during his residence in the country."

He sarcastically said, “The Americans learned one lesson, albeit belatedly, and at least did not ask their ally [Pakistan] to help them eliminate bin Laden” last year.

Iran is next on Indoor’s list.

The United States, with the cooperation of Israel, helped Iran build a powerful army, which now threatens the entire world with the threat to build a nuclear weapon.

Indor then lists Turkey as another Western ally that has turned around and become an anti-Western Islamic regime, where he said the United States is involved “up to its neck” by having assisted Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan before Islamists began to dominate the government.

“The same thing happened in Gaza,” continues Indor. “The security forces and police were trained with help from America and its European friends and now they serve as Hamas terrorists.”  

Indor concludes with a warning against U.S. aid to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood government to fight terror n the Sinai, bordering Israel.

“The Islamic takeover of the Egyptian army is a threat, and the takeover by [Mohammed] Morsi and his leaders of Egypt’s army should worry the United States as well as Israel. Their emissaries already are sitting at the southern entrance to Israel, and the Egyptian army is parked above the huge underground tunnel system that is a bridge for the flow of forces to the Sinai."

The United States is ignoring a series of questions about the Egyptian army, Indor states. He wrote, “How did it happen that the Egyptian army, trained by Americans and equipped with the best of American methods, could not control the Sinai?

“Why did they turn a blind eye to global jihad terrorists that infiltrated from Gaza to the Sinai over a long period of time, even during the Mubarak regime?

“Isn’t this reminiscent of the behavior of Egypt during the terror of the 50s and 60s that enabled   ‘Fedayeen‘ attacks against Israel?”

Indor suggests that instead of aiding Egypt, the United States should deny Cairo’s requests for military help and to place more troops so close to the Israeli border.

“Otherwise,” he warns, “in the next confrontation, Israel will find itself facing a modern Islamic army.”