Shomron Summer Festival
Shomron Summer Festival Yoni Kempinski

Hundreds of Israelis have been visiting the Shomron (Samaria) region as part of the Shomron Summer Festival currently taking place. Arutz Sheva visited the festival.

As part of the festival, family tours of the Shomron area are being offered, and many local tourist sites are opening their doors and offering a variety of discounts and promotions. The sites also hold attractions for the entire family.

Expecting many visitors from all around the country and from among the non-religious sector, the Shomron Department of Tourism has invested this year in advertising on radio stations and in newspapers.

“Every weekend over the month of Av there will be festivals,” said Surry Provizor, Activity Operator at the Shomron Summer Festival. “People are coming from all over the country to see what is going on in the Shomron and to visit the revival of this ancient archaeological site.”

“There are musicians and jugglers and it’s a great big happening,” she added.

Yair Elmakayis, who heads the Midreshet Shomron field school, added that “we see many people who usually don’t come to the Shomron, who are coming because of this occasion, and of course we’re very happy about it.”