Ambassador Tzvi Mazel
Ambassador Tzvi MazelHezki Ezra, Arutz Sheva

Former Israeli Ambassador to Egypt Tzvi Mazel told Arutz Sheva Tuesday that he does not believe the Egyptian government will take effective action against the terrorists who operate in Sinai.

"We must remember that the person running Egypt today is the Muslim Brotherhood's Mohammed Morsi," he explained. "The Muslim Brotherhood is the group that laid the foundations for today's radical Islam and Islamic terrorism. The Muslim Brotherhood developed a theory that favors a return to 'the good old days' of the prophet Mohammed and establish a Muslim empire. Islamic law would be the constitution and then they would make an effort to conquer the world."

"The terrorists who came to carry out the attack from Sinai were raised upon the Muslim Brotherhood's fanatical theory," he said. "Morsi and the terrorists who carried out the attack have the same ideology and the same goal – to impose Islam on the Middle East and the entire world."

"Will the Muslim Brotherhood become pragmatic? Forget ideology and concentrate on Egypt? I do not believe that will happen. The radical Islamic ideology has been running in the blood of the Muslim Brotherhood for 80 years."

Mazel said that tough effective action by Egypt against the Sinai terrorists is unlikely. "Egypt thinks that Israel is responsible for Sinai and they do not want to take responsibility for what happens in Gaza as they clean up Sinai. If the Egyptians clean up Sinai, [Gaza] will become isolated and under Egypt's responsibility and therefore Egypt would prefer not to do that."