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After attracting a great deal of media attention with her very pink campaign, the 22-year-old orthodox Jewish woman running for office in the New York State Senate has told CNN that she is planning to "leave the pink at home" due to the negative media attention she has received.

Mindy Meyer, a Republican who is challenging 10-year Democratic incumbent Kevin Parker, said that while she knew her website would be a-typical, she figured it would be limited to the local press.

She now acknowledges that, "it got a little bit out of hand."

The 22-year-old law student at Touro College with political aspirations has been described as a "magenta yenta," "truly awful" and appealing "to the Jersey Shore-watching demographic," a reference to the MTV reality show.

Meyer said the website was just supposed to "make the younger voters excited, that is all it was."

"I am not here to make some pink campaign that is all ditzy and glamorous because I am a very serious person that stands firmly on my beliefs," she said this week. "I am not here to be a Barbie in the Senate."

During her interview with CNN, Meyer stressed that she is a serious candidate, highlighting her experience working as an intern for Judge Francois Rivera in the Kings County Supreme Court.

"My main goal is to be an advocate for my people," Meyer said. "What I am here to do is what they want. I actually went out to learn what they want and so I could formulate their platform based on that."

Meyer's website includes from Photoshopped images of herself in front of the U.S. Capitol and a banner that reads, "I'm Senator and I Know It."

In light of the attention, Meyer says she is rethinking the site.

"I don't want to take it down and show failure," Meyer said. "I might consider making an additional website geared towards not just the young."

The site showcases Meyer's Jewish faith, saying she will "use religion as a moral compass and a guide."

Yet, while Orthodox Judaism preaches modesty and humility, Meyer’s site has been criticized for lacking those same qualities.

"Just because my website might be a little flamboyant, I am not dresssed immodestly," Meyer said. "There isn't anything wrong with any of it."