Attack a blow to Assad's regime
Attack a blow to Assad's regime Israel news photo: Flash 90

Prof. Kalman Altman, who teaches physics at the Technion, has penned an article calling on the Israeli left wing to support Bashar Assad in his war against the rebelling forces.

Daily newspaper Makor Rishon quotes an article Altman recently published in the Hadash (communist) party's weekly organ, Zu HaDerech, in which he warned that "Toppling Assad's government is an important step in the United States and NATO's strategic plan for defeating the Iranian regime."

He added: "I am of the opinion that the role of the anti-imperialist left is to support Assad's attempts to repulse the attack by the mercenaries of imperialism."

Altman also attacked Hadash chairman MK Mohammed Barakeh, who issued a call to "denounce the massacre and oppose an invasion."

Altman told Makor Rishon' Ishay Fridman: "I support processes of democratization in Syria, but at this point what is important is that Syria is full of Al Qaeda people and all sorts of extremists who are sent there by different elements. In this war, I support Assad against the militias."

Altman says that the videos of massacres carried out by Assad's forces are fakes. "I did not see any evidence that Assad carried out a massacre. These stories are fabricated. The rebels present a massacre that they carried out as Assad's doing."

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