Cave of Machpelah
Cave of Machpelah Israel news photo: Flash 90

A 20 year old Arab woman was arrested in Hevron Thursday in what police say was an attempt to stab soldiers.

The woman was arrested when she tried to spray pepper spray at Border Police at the Tzalbanit checkpoint, near the Cave of Patriarchs. A knife was then found in her bag.

In her initial interrogation she admitted that she intended to stab a soldier or policeman. She was taken away to be interrogated by the Shin Bet.

The Tatzpit news agency reported Thursday afternoon that about 40 Arabs rioted on the Cross-Binyamin Highway near Neve Tzuf and hurled rocks at vehicles passing on the road and at IDF soldiers.

Security forces are using riot dispersal gear, Tatzpit said, but had not brought the riot under control. Rock throwing was continuing.