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For the first time, an Orthodox Jewish woman is running for office in the New York State Senate.

22-year-old Mindy Meyer, a law student from Flatbush, is running on the Republican platform against Democratic State Sen. Kevin Parker.

Meyer, who received her degree from Touro College in New York, works as an intern in the court of Judge Francisco Rivera in Kings County Supreme Court in Brooklyn.

Her lack of political experience, however, is not keeping her from running. She cites her own religious values and moral compass as her guide.

"I can tell you one thing, I have no experience in corruption," said Meyer. "This is how politics has to change. There is always corruption, but I have the intention to follow my values and ensure that none of what happens in my district is corrupt."

"Mindy Meyer for NYS Senate," reads a banner across the top of her bright pink site. "I'm Senator and I Know It."

The pink inspiration for the logo, she said, came from Elle Woods, the lead character from “Legally Blonde” played by Reese Witherspoon, who inspired her to attend law school.

“You can make pink sophisticated,” Meyer said. “She took pink to a top legal institution like Harvard, so why can’t I bring it to the Senate?”

"I'm trying to attract a young crowd and recruit more young people ... My idea is to make it very contemporary, funky, cool, not like a typical senator’s website," she told City & State.

The political hopeful said she knew she wanted to enter politics after meeting former Mayor Rudy Giuliani as a child.

If elected, Meyer, who is running unopposed, pledged to promote school vouchers and to create programs for youth at risk in order to help them achieve their academic goals.  She is also determined to combat violence, racially motivated police brutality, and to assist female victims of domestic violence.