Destroyed bus  in Burgas
Destroyed bus in Burgas Reuters

Bulgarian news sources have reported a woman aided the terrorist who attacked Israeli tourists at Burgas airport last week.

Bulgarian news channel BTV is reporting that the terrorist who murdered five Israelis and a local driver spoke Russian and entered the country with a female accomplice through Romania.

The identity of the terrorist, which is still being debated, is entwined with the pseudonym he used on his fake Michigan driver's license. He was listed as Jacque Felipe Martin of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and born in 1987.

A U.S. citizen named David Jepson also is suspected of involvement in the attack. Jepson, based in the Bulgarian city of Varna, allegedly gave “guidance” to the suicide bomber, according to a number of different sources, including the Hebrew-language daily newspaper Ma'ariv. Varna, a coastal city north of Burgas, is a resort area. Jepson is believed to be still at large in Bulgaria, according to the report, which was unconfirmed.

Bulgarian Interior Ministry staff meanwhile are tracking down leads that members of a Hizbullah terrorist cell fled to neighboring Turkey following the attack, according to the Russian newspaper Nezavisimaya Gazeta, quoting Israeli Channel 2 Television.

Five Israelis were killed in the attack, as well as a local driver, in addition to the terrorist.

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