Aftermath of rock attack on Ephraim Silverber
Aftermath of rock attack on Ephraim Silverber Israel news photo by Ephraim Silverberg

Two IDF soldiers were wounded Monday in a Palestinian Authority Arab rock-throwing terror attack.

The soldiers were wounded by flying glass after windows in their military vehicle shattered when they were hit by rocks hurled during a routine patrol in the Hevron area.

The attack, which took place Monday afternoon, is not unusual.

Both soldiers were treated at the scene, and neither required evacuation to hospital. Other soldiers set out to search for the attackers.

A car belonging to an Israeli Arab was also targeted in a similar rock-throwing terror attack Monday afternoon, near the Judean town of Alon Shvut, in Gush Etzion.

No one was physically injured, but the vehicle was damaged and passengers were traumatized. Security forces were sent to the scene to search for the attackers.

Rock attacks can be deadly, and are intended to kill. In the past, they have, as in the case of Kiryat Arba resident Asher Palmer and his baby son, Yonatan, who both were murdered in one such attack.

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