Police destroy building in Negohot
Police destroy building in NegohotIsrael news photo: Women in Green

Police destroyed Monday morning a small pre-fab building that has existed for 10 years on government land in the Jewish community of Negohot, near Hevron. They also arrested a 12-year-old boy after hitting his younger brother. The youth was accused of obstructing a policeman.

The building, known in Israel as a “caravan” – a mobile home without wheels – and has served as an office for local resident Asaf Fried, who works on development of Negohot. The community is located at the northern edge of the southern Hevron Hills.

The police tore it down “stam,” meaning for no reason at all, said Fried and Negohot administrator Chaim Bar Chai in conversations with Arutz Sheva. “It has been standing there for 10 years, and somebody simply decided to tear it down,” said Bar-Chai. He pointed out that the structure is on government land.

Fried said he was not at the location when police barged through the door, followed by a bulldozer which wrecked the structure and strewed equipment.

Fried said his son was simply walking in the field, not in the direction of the caravan, when police ran after him and yanked him by force. His younger brother, who was not arrested, said he also was standing there, and the police beat him ”for no reason at all.” Fried said the incident was captured on camera.

“Negohot was built with the approval of the government, and now the government decides to tear down a building that is legal,” he said.

Fried still is scratching his head to understand why.