Daphni Leef
Daphni LeefIsrael News photo: Yoni Kempinski

The death of Moshe Silman, who set himself on fire eight days ago, which was followed by several other threats to carry out similar deeds, and another self-immolation Sunday, have caused leaders of the leftist "social justice" protests to ask their followers to calm down.

"I am full of respect and appreciation to all of the women and men who have to deal daily with the Repossession Office, National Insurance, Income Tax and the extraordinary difficulties that the state piles onto them, and they continue despite that difficulty and do not quit. That is courage," wrote protest leader Daphni Leef on her Facebook page Sunday.

"A single-parent mother [leftist Newspeak for divorced and unwed mothers – ed.] who works from morning to evening so that her children can have a warm meal and school supplies is a heroine! An 80 year old woman who still works and does not quit is a heroine! The residents of the [lower end] neighborhoods who fight the corrupt establishment for years and cry out over public housing, who go to the Knesset and promote this important agenda, are heroes!"

"Don't give up," she pleaded with her followers, assuring them Israeli society had "awoken" and that change was on the way. "More than death, we need to focus on life. We are all in the same boat and we must fight together for creating a better tomorrow for all of us in the state of Israel.  Please, do not hurt yourselves."