Hareidim at a job fair
Hareidim at a job fairIsrael news photo: Flash 90

Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin has urged major accounting and legal firms to hire hareidi-religious men and maximize their skills, Globes reported Sunday.

The business newspaper quoted sources as saying that Rivlin sent a letter to leading companies and to several government officials, including the Office of the State Prosecutor.

His letter reportedly was in answer to the chairman of the student union of a metropolitan Tel Aviv college, who complained that hareidi religious graduates with outstanding grades are not able to find employment.

"We are all familiar with slogan that the integration of hareidim in the jobs market is a national mission, but I approach you with this request because we must all contribute to give real content to the words,” the Knesset Speaker wrote.

He noted that the hareidi religious community comprises approximately 10 percent of Israel’s population, and that it is important o integrate them into the economy.

"I am sure that from among the hundreds of hareidi students who have not yet found an internship, a way to maximize the use of their skills and intellectual talents can be found," Rivlin added.